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Let's do more than just "check the box" on sexual harassment.


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When you need someone honest and upfront about sexual harassment.

As a business owner, taking sexual harassment seriously is in your best interest. In the #MeToo era, this has never been more true. 

I will work with you for whatever your specific business needs are. Whether that means you need an updated sexual harassment policy, tools to deal with a public crisis, or you just need an expert to answer your dozens of questions. 

A little prevention work now can go a long way to avoid an expensive lawsuit later.

Let's talk today to determine if your business could use some help. 

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Sexual Harassment Policy

75% Off Sale

If you're starting a new business you need a sexual harassment policy. This template is perfect for the busy business owner. Easily fill out your information and you're good to go! Just head over to "Shop"

Employee Training

Expert Guidance

If your employees check out of your generic sexual harassment training in the first 5 minutes, I can help. We'll collaborate  to create a custom, engaging training program your employees can actually learn from. 

Third Party Investigation

Completely Unbiased

Investigating a sexual harassment complaint is challenging enough. Let me use my experience investigating sexual harassment complaints in the Army for your business.