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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know that Astraea Consulting is the right consulting agency for me?

Astraea Consulting is all about being upfront and honest about sexual harassment. I don't believe in sugar coating. If you're looking for someone to cut through the BS and help you understand your company's specific needs, look no further. 

I can help refine your current sexual harassment policy, or help you create a new one. I can also help create an employee training program that gets your employees really thinking about sexual harassment. 

Click "Services" to see a full list of what I offer. Or if you're not even sure exactly what it is your business needs, schedule a phone call and we'll it out together.

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If I book your 1:1 personal expert service, is there a limit to how many questions I can ask?

Not at all!
I understand you’re busy too and have a work schedule to keep. Not much point in forcing you to pick and choose what questions you can ask and when. Feel free to ask me any question any time as it pertains to sexual harassment.

Can I cancel my 1:1 personal expert service after 1 month?

As part of the personal expert service, you will receive a contract that lays out the details which include the 6-month minimum and the cancellation clause. This contract will lay out the buy-out option for cancelling prior to the agreed upon 6 months. The buy-out option requires the client to pay the full 6-month cost in order to "buy-out" of the contract if that is the route the client wishes to take. 

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If I book your 1:1 personal expert service and I have a question, how fast can I expect an answer?

I guarantee that you will receive a reply from me within 72 hours. However, I will always strive to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

I have a great sexual harassment training for my employees, but my sexual harassment policy needs work. Can you help me?

Absolutely! Go to “Services” and select “Sexual Harassment Policy” to get started. As part of this service, I'll include a free PDF guide that explains how to enforce the policy, use it, post it, and keep it updated so you're always covered. 

Astraea Consulting sexual harassment

I'm only interested crisis response training. Can I just purchase that service?

You sure can. Go to “Work With Me” and select “Crisis Response” to get started. While you’re there, take a look at my other services as well.

Can you provide sexual harassment training to my employees?

Yes, however; Astraea Consulting is here for employers. I work with company leadership to create or refine training that is a best fit for the business. You know your business best.

If you’re interested in only obtaining employee training, send me an email and we’ll discuss the details of what that will entail.  

Sexual harassment astraea consulting

How much do your services cost?

Each service and package price is listed under the “Packages” page.

Except for the stand-alone sexual harassment policy, each service or package has a flat rate with additional $50 fee per employee over 15. For example, if a business has 20 employees, that will be an additional $250 to the overall service/package cost.

I want to improve my company's sexual harassment readiness. How can I book services?

That’s easy! Go to “Services” (or click the link) and select the appropriate service for your company needs. If you're not sure what it is you need, schedule a free consultation and we can discuss what it is your company is already doing and decide what it is you need. 

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