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When I asked my six-year-old what I should write here she said, "Write Chelsey has lots of tattoos." She stared at me to make sure I wrote her suggestion. While I do have a lot of tattoos, I'm not sure that's what you're looking for here.  


Hello, my name is Chelsey, and I have made it my mission to help business owners prevent sexual harassment in their workplace.


​But who am I and how am I qualified to help your business?

Good question. I’m a Victim Advocate for the U.S. Army who’s worked for and with non-profit organizations, the military, the government, corporations, small businesses and everything in between. In 2019 I left my job working for the "Sexual Harassment and Assault Prevention and Response" program with the military and started Astraea Consulting. 

I started this business because I noticed over and over again, despite what seemed like great sexual harassment policies and training programs, sexual harassment was still a problem in the workplace. But how and why? Well I determined there was a breakdown in the system once it went from paper to practice.  

Sexual harassment consulting owner
sexual harassment consulting owner

So, I devised a system that leadership can use, and employees can actually understand. Everyone from the employees, to managers, & supervisors, to the executive board, can know exactly what they need to do in the event of a sexual harassment report. More importantly, this system cuts through all the BS and political correctness. I have never believed in sugar coating, especially with something as serious as sexual harassment. I do believe leaders and employees alike need to hear the raw truth about sexual harassment. That's the only way to truly create a harassment and discrimination free workplace, when we're all upfront with each other. 


Outside of school and work, I love to hike with my dog, and I'm obsessed with the Grand Canyon. Oh, and I have another tattoo appointment. 

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Bachelor's of Science in Psychology from Northwest Missouri State University. Master's of Public Health Administration from Park University.

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Employee of the month 3 months in a row.
Graduated "Puppies 4 Parole" in 2016 with honors.

Very good girl.

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